Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Medical scrubs

Yesterday, I went to the mall to go shopping. I was with my daughter Keisha and niece Cykie Dodge. We visited from one store to another and looking for toys and dresses when a guy next to me tap me quickly and smiled at me. I was very scared at first because I really don't recognize the guy but when he smiled at me, I began to recognized him and that was my long lost elementary bestfriend Carlo. He invited us for lunch and he started to tell me something about his whereabouts and career. He is already a successful nurse in my town, a clinical instructor at first then promoted to head nurse and now in charge in purchasing medical instruments and nursing uniforms. He told me that he is in the mall to look for medical scrubs for the nurses. He already visited all the stores but he was not able to buy one due to poor quality. I suggested to him to look for a medical scrubs online instead of roaming around the mall and he accepted my suggestion; so we both open our laptop computers and search for an online store that offers high quality made medical scrubs at a reasonable price and luckily we found a site named blue sky scrubs, a site that offers scrubs, scrub hats, shirts, medical coats and many more... He is very much satisfied with the products and he said to me that this site is a one stop shop for people like him who is looking for a medical uniforms. He ordered a lot of things in this site. I can say that this site is the best site for people looking for nursing uniforms; so to all people out there if you want to buy medical uniforms and scrubs just visit the blue sky scrub site at http://www.blueskyscrubs.com/categories/Scrubs/

Philippines is getting worst when it comes to prices

The Philippines now a days experience really an inflation rates on everything. It hits more on the prime commodity which people consumes everyday of their lives such as gasoline and oil, rice, noodles, so on and so fort. The government always tell that they have a very good solution to the problem but their ways are not the real reedy of the problem like giving subsidy to the transportation sector only for the jeepneys but how about on the private sectors the one who delivers vegetables and fruits and rice which is using a private vehicle?, ..... It wont address the cause of the problem. I strongly believed that there is no solution to the problem because people from the government always look for a way that could get revenues or things that could give them money/funds out of government projects. I can only say and hope that Filipinos or a strong body from the government will make a strong decision for a better government and will lead to stop corruption in the system.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I love Direct TV

I am working as a sales agent for three years now and I can say that I am successful with my career because the company loves me so much because I bring good sales to them. After working for three consecutive years my boss approached me yesterday and asked me to go to her office for a general meeting and for some important announcement. the meeting was started in a regular way, we discuss different issues on how to improve our services but the most shocking and surprising part is that our boss announced for promotion. My name was included in the list and I was so surprised because I was not expecting that. My boss said that I will be transferred to Texas in their mother company as part of my promotion and training. I was so excited and I know that this is a tough job but I am willing to give my best shot. I already have contacted the place where i will stay in Texas and since I love to watch TV, I make it sure that I have the same Direct TV service because my Directv got the best channels. For people who need to move from one place to another like me you don't have to apply for another connection because you can continue your direct tv service. I was able to continue my Direct TV in Texas. For more information just visit their site at http://www.directsattv.com

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Climate Change

It was a very rainy morning today because the Pag-asa weather report says that the whole region is experiencing inter-tropical depression zone and i hate it when the weather changes because I can't do to play outside my favorite lawn tennis game. I just hope that this weather will be back to normal because I want to see the sun shining again.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Web Hosting Providers

Yesterday I went to the party here in my town where most of the website makers are free to attend. I have seen most of my friends online who are also of the same career. We discuss and talked about the tips and techniques on creating a good website and linking procedures while some are giving information on how to create a powerful website for new members of the club. I was chosen to give a short speech on website making. I shared different techniques and the importance of easy navigation because there are sites that are not "user friendly" for they are so complicated. I told them that there is one golden rule in making a good and powerful website and that is by choosing the best web site hosting providers. That is very important because it plays a very crucial role in making a good website. There are a lot of web hosting providers that are being offered in the net now a days but you should be aware because not all have good features. As a website maker for the past 8 years now, there is always one site that I frequently visit whenever I need to purchase web hosting provider and that is the Web Hosting Geek site. So if you are looking for the best Web Hosting Provider right now, go straight to the site that provides the best web hosting providers. For more information of their services visit http://webhostinggeeks.com/.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Truly Pinoy inventions

This could be the start of something big...and healthy.A Filipino-made beer with Vitamin B took center stage during the gathering of members of the International Federation of Inventors' Association in Bangkok, Thailand, recently.Some of the inventions showcased by inventors from all over the world included chopsticks that double as a toothbrush and a hi-tech sandwich filling spreader.The crowd, however, made a bee-line to the beer concocted by Filipino inventor Billy Malang.Unlike ordinary beer, Malang's beer has Vitamin B."All clear beers have no vitamins. It just contains alcohol, which is converted to sugar which gives you a big tummy, called the beer belly. So I brought back the Vitamin B to make beer a healthier habit," said Malang.Malang was among inventors from 27 countries who featured more than new 150 inventions in the gathering.

My Unbelievable Featured Story Of A 15 year Old Letter

As an elementary student 30years ago. I also made this kind of activity by sending letters through a flowing waters in the river or by sending message by burning it hoping that God can receive the message because e the smoke comes up to reach the heavens where he lives.... but there is one incident from japan, A letter from an elementary pupil girl who made a letter during their school anniversary. She tied the letter in a balloon and release it up in the sky but amazingly he got a reply after 15 years and the letter is still intact with a piece of rubber (the balloon). here is the full story:
A letter that a young girl in Japan sent into the sky in a balloon some 15 years ago has been found on a fish hauled from 1,000 metres (3,300 feet) below the Pacific. A fisherman found the still legible piece of paper sitting on a sticky flatfish in his catch on Thursday, along with a torn-off string and the fragment of a red balloon.
He opened the folded paper, discovering it was a handwritten letter from a six-year-old girl at an elementary school in Kawasaki, 150 kilometres (93 miles) away from where the fish was caught off Choshi port.
The sender, Natsumi Shirahige, and her friends released letters as part of events to mark the school's 120th anniversary, which was in 1993.
"Our school is 120 years old... If you pick up this letter, please write to me," the letter reads, listing the school's address.
The 52-year-old fisherman said the letter was a nice surprise.
"I've been in fishing for a long time but this is unbelievable," the smiling man told the Asahi television network.
Shirahige, now a 21-year-old university student, said: "I can't get over the wonder of how the letter survived 15 years. I never expected I'd get a reply this way."

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Soy Foods

Soy products can prevents cancer or heart diseases. Soy products, especially tofu but also tempeh, soybeans, soymilk, soy flour and soy protein powder are also important foods for menopausal women. Soy can reduce some risks associated with the drop of estrogen. And in combination with a healthy low fat diet, whole soy foods can lower LDL cholesterol and possibly triglycerides to help protect your heart. Foods that contain whole soy are a good source of protein for vegetarians and vegans because they provide all the amino acids - a type of nutrient - that people need to stay healthy. If you want to be fit and healthy add soy in your menu so as to avoid disease that may encounter later in life. Be fit and healthy.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Qoute for the Day

"Raising Kids is part joy and part guerilla warfare but it was truly a wonderful experience".

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Making my favorite mango float dessert

This morning I made my favorite dessert. It is a mango float refrigerator cake. I love the taste of this dessert. It is so easy to make this kind of dessert. All you have to do is to prepare a small can of condensed milk and 2 cartoons of nestle cream and mix it in a bowl then place a graham biscuit one by one in a pan or flat dish and alternate it with the mixed cream and after the whole pile is finished top it with berries or mallows and put it inside your refrigerator. Try this at your home because I am sure you will love the taste. try it to believe.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Holy hell Madonna, what in the world are you thinking? I can not even begin to explain what is going on here, but it’s creeping the shit out of me! Madonna goes from being a “Material Girl” to this? Damn… point me in the opposite direction she is headed because do not want any part of this! I am not sure if it’s contagious, but with most diseases and some celebrity encounters, sometimes it is much better to be safe rather than sorry.

This picture alone freaks me out, and I can’t imagine running into Madonna in real life. With that siad, I’m just gonna let this guy have at her and hope he does not get killed in the process. Swine flu, or what do you think?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The best Satellite TV

My high school friend named Bogart is a nurse in Colorado for fifteen years now and he finally decided to buy a car and a house still in Colorado but it is much bigger than the previous house that he was staying. He already bought the furniture and the interior decors but one thing lack inside his new place and that is the satellite TV. I helped him in finding the best site in the net that offers a directv and luckily I found a site named Kaptain Satellite that offers satellite TV Providers. They have the best deals in town for they are offering a free professional installation, free DVR upgrades, free lifetiime equipment warranty, free equipment and a whole lot more. So if you are looking for the best Direct TV Colorado Specials, this site is the best for you. So what are you waiting for!, visit their site now and get the best deals in town. for mjore information about their promotions and best deals visit http://www.kaptainsatellite.com/state-town/COLORADO.html.

Water pump leaks

Early this morning when I am about to water my plants in my lawn, I found it so terrible because my water pump is not working well. It has a water leaks that passes through its pump case and I felt so afraid because if water leaks will touch the motor housing it might explode. I immediately turned off the switch and find out whats wrong with my water pump. With the help of my friend named Jenny, I pulled out the whole water pump and brought it near the working place to examine whats wrong with it. I have decided to disassemble it tomorrow because i am not feeling well this time because of continuous work awhile ago. I am pretty sure I could fix this thing tomorrow as long as there are materials available for replacement.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Affordable Cars

My friend named Joshua is a nurse in London for ten years now and gradually he achieve her dreams to be a successful nurse in the said place. We were classmates then during our college days but he prefer to proceed into nursing while I was also busy with my management course. Right now I can say that he is already a successful one in his chosen career and he said to me a week ago that he is buying a car but he prefer to buy used car to save more on cash. I helped him in looking for a sight that offers Used Cars and luckily we found a site named BuyYourCar.co.uk that offers quality used cars. They also have new cars for sale. This site is a one stop shop for people who are looking for the best price for cars. They are also offering car lease, so what are you waiting for! , visit their site now and search your car using their car search box.

Appying for general skilled migration in Aussie as a gardener

right now i am planning to gather some documents and certificates that will help my application offshore as a gardener. Applying for such nomination skills needs evidence that will support my chosen field as a gardener. I have already gather some evidence like mayor permit for owning a garden business or as an ornamental plant producer but i am still collecting some of my activities that i have attended but not secured certificates. I am just hoping that after all this things, I can passed the Australian skilled migration application.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Real property management

My grandmother owns several properties in town and she has a series of apartments for rent. She is into this business for 30 years now and until now she still runs this business individually. Since she is turning 65 now this coming August, the grandchildren decided to hire the services of the real property management, a site that specializes in the management of single family homes, multi-unit apartment buildings, and homeowner’s associations. I am pretty sure that my grandmother will be happy for this because there is somebody who is an expert in property management. The company offers:
  • Tenant Placement
  • Affordable Management fees with NO Leasing fees
  • Credit and Multi-State Criminal Background Screening
  • Regular Property Inspections
  • Accounting
  • Project Management
  • Monthly Financial Reporting to Owners available online 24/7
  • Maintenance Services
  • Collections
  • Evictions/Legal
With the services they have, I am pretty sure that my grandmothers rental business is in good hands. So to all people out there if you want a hassle free in running your business, let the Real Property Management do the job for you.

Playing my favorite billiard game online

I love playing games online and one of my favorite games to play is billiards. I learned to play billiard a couple of months ago when my brother Jun taught me how to play. He taught me in his house playing the actual billiard table and I love it. During weekdays, we also play billiard games during our freetime but this time it is online. There is only one site that I and my brother visit as well as my friends in office named 8c1.net. This site offers a free multiplayer billiard game. So whenever you want to play billiard online, just go straight to the site that offers multiplayer games,8c1.net.http://www.8c1.net.

Applying as a skilled migrant abroad

A week ago I send my papers and documents for my application as a general skilled worker in Australia. It was said that the processing time will run approximately 4 to 6 weeks and the applicant will receive an official result of his/her application. I just hope that I will pass all the requirements they need because I have sent them all my documents that will support and will give evidence to my work here. Just wish me luck!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Choose the best web hosting providers

I am a website builder for almost five years now and I can say that I am very much successful with my career as a website developer. I have plenty of customers every month and in every website that I do, I make sure that it is one of the best among the other websites in the net. Building a website is so simple as long as you know the basics in website making and there is one technique on how to make a good website. In every website that I make, I always pair it with the best web hosting provider and speaking with web hosting provider, there is only one site that I used to visit when I need to buy a web hosting services and this is the Web Hosting Geek site. This site offers a wide range of web hosting provider. In this site you can compare each web hosting provider by its features plus bonus features and its prices and you can also read honest reviews. You can also choose from different categories under web hosting awards. This site helps a lot of website builders like me because this is like a one stop shop for website developers who are looking for the best web hosting providers. So if you are one of those many website developers who are looking for the best web hosting provider, just go straight to the site named Web Hosting Geeks that provides Web Hosting Reviews, Rating and Awards.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Preparing for this coming school opening

I went to the mall to look for notebooks and pencils and some school items because i want to surprise my niece this coming school opening. There were a lot of parents who are looking for notebooks and most of them are looking for the cheaper items in order to save more on school budget. I just picked the regular pencils and spring type notebooks. I am pretty sure that my niece would love the items that I bought for it has her favorite celebrity pictures on it.